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Ambrose RiveraAbout Me

I am a Sr. User Experience Architect with over 25 years of experience in visual communications. My expertise spans across multiple disciplines from UI Design, Marketing, Illustration and New Media Business engagements and the scope of my work varies from small, medium to Fortune 500 companies. Below are a few examples from my hobby as a painter.

Skill sets include:

  • Information Architecture
  • Creative Direction & Strategy
  • User Experience/Usability Analysis
  • Mobile First & Desktop Design
  • Wireframing, Prototyping & Site Mapping
  • Identity/Branding
  • User Research & Testing
  • Stakeholder & Team Conveyance
  • Advertising Marketing
  • Illustration & Iconography
  • Software & Web Application Design
  • Print & Traditional Media
  • Requirements Documentation & Management
  • Front-end UI Development
  •  Case Studies

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    Verizon-Native Android App 1
    View the project
    Online Invoice Payment 2
    Citi-Responsive Design
    (In Progress)

     UX Architecture / Strategy

    UX Architecture 1
    UX Architecture 2
    UX Architecture 3
    UX Architecture 4
    UX Architecture 5
    UX Architecture 6
    UX Architecture 7
    UX Architecture 8
    UX Architecture 9
    UX Architecture 10
    UX Strategy 11
    UX Strategy 12
    UX Strategy 13
    UX Strategy 14
    UX Strategy 15
    UX Strategy 16
    UX Strategy 17
    UX Strategy 18
    UX Strategy 19
    UX Strategy 20

     Web / Application Design

    Web Design 1
    Web Design 2
    Web Design 3
    Application Design 4
    Application Design 5
    Application Design 6
    Web Design 7
    Web Design 8
    Web Design 9
    Web Design 10
    Web Design 11
    Web Design 12
    Web Design 13
    Web Design 14
    Application Design 15
    Application Design 16
    Web/Email Advertising 17
    Banner Advertising 18

     Mobile / Responsive Design

    Mobile/Responsive Design 1
    Mobile/Responsive Design 2
    Mobile/Responsive Design 3
    Mobile/Responsive Design 4
    Mobile/Responsive Design 5
    Mobile/Responsive Design 6
    Mobile/Responsive Design 7
    Mobile/Responsive Design 8
    Mobile/Responsive Design 9
    Mobile/Responsive Design 10
    Mobile/Responsive Design 11
    Mobile/Responsive Design 12

     Print Design

    Print Design 1
    Print Design 2
    Print Design 3
    Print Design 4
    Print Design 5
    Print Design 6
    Print Design 7
    Print Design 8


    Illustration 1
    Illustration 2
    Illustration 3
    Illustration 4
    Illustration 5
    Illustration 6
    Illustration 7
    Illustration 8
    Illustration 9
    "Ambrose is a true asset for anyone seeking a UI/UX Creative Lead who is prepared to wear many hats. His usability expertise and passion to solve user experience problems helped lead the way to a successful launch of our top Campaign Management Solutions project."
    Mark Arrington
    Product Strategy and Management at Convergys

    Ambrose is a true asset for anyone seeking a UI/UX Creative Lead who is prepared to wear many hats. His usability expertise and passion to solve user experience problems helped lead the way to a successful launch of our top Campaign Management Solutions project. His ability to rapidly build wire frames/mockups, provide elegant layouts and documented UI standards and best practices enabled our development/test cycles to move faster, communication to be more efficient and understanding of requirements to be more rich.
    He is detail-oriented, and understands how to match business goals to graceful front-end interfaces and is never afraid to do whatever it takes to successfully meet or exceed expectations. He is always positive and forward-thinking on how he approaches new challenges and is an amazingly gifted talent.

    Mark Arrington Product Strategy and Management

    Ambrose is a constant professional that does not allow anything to prevent delivering the best user experience possible. Ambrose joined my project toward the end of a release and not only did the project deliver as schedule, the fidelity of the solution was improved by Ambrose.
    Ambrose is not satisified with successes, he consistantly is looking to improve product using his exceptional design skills.

    Ray Rials Experienced Technology Strategy Executive, Product Manager, Agile Product Owner and Sr. R&D Manager

    I haven't worked with many UI/Usability Engineers before, but Ambrose has set the bar pretty high as far as what I expect subsequent ones should perform. He joined the group when the project was halfway complete and did an outstanding job getting the knowledge he needed to become productive right away. Ambrose has done a fantastic job keeping the engineers honest when it comes to improving the product's usability on top of developing style guides and icons for the product.

    Shu-Hseien Wu Software Developer

    Creative Director merely scratches the surface of Ambrose's numerous talents. In addition to his obvious artistic abilities (see portfolio), Ambrose was called upon to assimilate large volumes of data and transform it into meaningful presentations. He is thorough without producing "data overload". His methodical approach to solving problems and willingness to teach others raises everyone's productivity levels. In addition to that, Ambrose is just a damn nice guy.

    Joe Bixler National Director of Sales

    Nexstar New Media platform's innovative style can be directly attributed to Ambrose's sharp eye, design expertise, and creativity. The team could not have produced our station sites, Nexstar's corporate website without his keen attention to detail, thoughtful approach to designing interfaces that effectively engage our core audience, and an entrepreneurial mindset. I knew I could rely on Ambrose to help get our New Media start-up off the ground.

    Rajiv Lulla Sr. Vice President

    I came to know Ambrose Rivera during the start-up phase of Nexstar Broadcasting's e-Media's efforts. Ambrose was always patient and helpful with me as we rebuilt our internet presence and helped convey the company's vision for this segment of the business. Ambrose has a keen eye for creative elements and is able to communicate those ideas clearly - as well as follow-up with co-workers to ensure a standard look. Very professional and personable.

    Karen Libby-Wadlington Managing Editor of Digital Media

    When our New Media initiative rolled out at KTAB/KRBC, Ambrose was our primary contact for training and setting up our website. He is a great person to learn from, and explained everything we needed to know in a clear, concise manner. He also led the support team for our site after launch, and was always great with meeting our needs and making sure we had everything we needed to move forward.

    Amanda Campbell eMedia Support Coordinator

    Ambrose was a dedicated employee that I felt truly had the best interest of the company at heart. His willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done was impressive as well. He had qualities that unfortunately you don't often see in the country anymore and he will be sorely missed.

    Corey Lokey Systems Administrator

    Contact Info

    Ambrose Rivera
    Mobile: 214-684-5228
    Home: 972-564-5228