Citi - More To Come

The Project: Responsive App

TIMELINE: 2, 2 week sprints
SERVICES: UX Project Planning/Strategy, Wireframes, UI Design

The Challenge

How does one know if they have an available offer ready to be redeemed at Starbucks at or near their current location? If a customer is aware that they have an available offer, will they know that they are near a Starbucks in order to redeem their offer? Wthout a way to be reminded, they may miss the perfect opportunity to easily take advantage of their Starbucks offer.

Taking advantage of the smart phone GPS location service, new offer Citi customers receive notifications when they are near a retailer or service in order to redeem their offer. As a creative problem-solver, I examined an approach that helps customers in a single step approach to redeem their discounted cup of coffee.

As mentioned above this process required that I move rapidly into wireframes while in parallel with requirements sessions in order to quickly convey the solutions with stakeholders and peers. I always move quickly on to low-fidelity wireframes containing detailed annotations, delivered as either static or interactive depending on complexity, for the purpose of informing the concept to the UX team, product owners or directly to customers. This process ensures that the project meets requirements and features are on the right track with user expectations.